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Are you seeking pain relief, or treatment for an injury?

Is your body not feeling the way it used to?

Are you looking for a holistic assessment of your problem,
an osteopathic practitioner in Nanaimo, and advice on what you can do to help yourself?


Osteopathy uses hands-on treatment to help your body’s mechanical function in order to ease pain, and to restore movement and balance to your body’s physical health. Anne-Marie Mougeot is a highly trained and experienced osteopathic practitioner providing osteopathic treatment for people of all ages with a special interest in chronic pain.

I just had my first treatment with Anne-Marie and I will absolutely be back. She is incredibly knowledgable, but also kind and compassionate. Her genuine care and curiosity to look at the bigger picture really sets her apart as a practitioner. -Gillian G.

I was recently made aware of the benefits of osteopathic healthcare, and after being treated by Anne-Marie at Island Optimal, I would highly recommend her. I was also unaware that my medical insurance covered these treatments!
-Cathy M.