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Are you seeking pain relief, or treatment for an injury?

Is your body not feeling the way it used to?

Are you looking for a holistic assessment of your problem,
an osteopathic practitioner in Nanaimo, and advice on what you can do to help yourself?


Osteopathy uses hands-on treatment to help your body’s mechanical function in order to ease pain, and to restore movement and balance to your body’s physical health. Anne-Marie Mougeot is a highly trained and experienced osteopathic practitioner providing osteopathic treatment for people of all ages with a special interest in chronic pain.

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Thanks to Anne-Marie Mougeot and her osteopathic techniques I was able to overcome my shoulder pain I had been holding onto for 2 years. This is a story of success.  In August of 2017 I had my arm in a sling and couldn’t even butter my toast without feeling pain. After having several MRI scans and going through physical therapy, my shoulder saw very little improvement. In April of 2018 I decided to see Anne-Marie at Island Optimal with the intention of healing my shoulder before I took a back -packing trip in May. At my first appointment I could barely lift my arm above my head out of fear of feeling pain. Throughout the next month Anne-Marie helped my change my mindset about the pain. No longer did I think of myself as hurt, but as someone who had a goal to meet. I gained confidence in my movements and each day I added a little weight to my backpack. Using my new mindset, exercises and manual therapy with Anne-Marie, I was able to meet my goal of being ready to backpack in May! When it came time for my trip I could not only lift my arms above my head but also carry a 40 pound backpack on my shoulders. There was no greater feeling of accomplishment than to go from not being able to reach for a cup in my cupboard to carrying a heavy backpack within a month. -Rebecca B.


I just had my first treatment with Anne-Marie and I will absolutely be back. She is incredibly knowledgable, but also kind and compassionate. Her genuine care and curiosity to look at the bigger picture really sets her apart as a practitioner. -Gillian G.

I was recently made aware of the benefits of osteopathic healthcare, and after being treated by Anne-Marie at Island Optimal, I would highly recommend her. I was also unaware that my medical insurance covered these treatments!
-Cathy M.


Anne-Marie is a passionate entrepreneur. She excels at providing clients with valuable information in an easy to understand manner. I have attended her beginner yoga classes and served as a practice client for her on-going osteopathic studies. She is very knowledgeable and was able to thoroughly explain her process to me to feed my curiosity. Anne-Marie cares about her clients and I can tell that she has found her calling in life! -Stephanie L.


Very knowledgeable of how the body works as a whole. I love the holistic approach to healing the body.
-Shawna L.


Anne-Marie had a great combination of practical knowledge of her discipline and intuitive care and was, as a result, very instrumental in my healing from a chronic back and neck injury. I highly recommend her without reservation.
-Michael L.