Solution Series for Trainers & Coaches:

Personal Training Clients with Low Back Pain


A Workshop for Personal Trainers and Coaches 


Low back pain is experienced by up to 85% of the general population.


  • Are you frustrated when a training program becomes derailed by pain?
  • Do you now how to help your client?
  • Should you recommend your client to stop the pain-provoking exercises?
  • How can you modify exercises to suit the needs of your client?
  • It is ever ok to push through the pain?
  • And when should you consider referring to a health care professional?


We invite you to join our FREE workshop, which will answer all of these

questions and leave you feeling more comfortable and confident in how to

help your clients who are experiencing back pain.



  • What pain is and why we feel it
  • The difference between acute, intermittent and chronic pain
  • The questions you need to be asking your clients when they’re experiencing pain
  • When to refer to a medical professional and when it’s ok to keep moving
  • The basics on how to modify pain provoking movements to help your client to
  • keep on moving and how you can help them to remain active despite feeling pain.



Thursday, June 7th at 9:30am-10:30am

$40 (FREE PROMO CODE: SolutionsLPB)

Island Optimal Health & Performance, 1881 Dufferin Crescent

Must be a personal trainer, kinesiologist or coach to attend

*Pre-Registration is required as spaces are limited*





29744250_10156167998951838_47159156268786600_o.jpgHappy Body for Happy Life

Sunday, April 29 2-3:30pm

Moksha Yoga Nanaimo 1881 Dufferin Crescent, Nanaimo, B.C.

Movement is essential to human health. And when we move well, we feel well!

Just like we have nutritional requirements to stay healthy, our bodies also have movement requirements! But not all movement has the same impact on our bodies. We need a variety of movements in order to thrive. In this workshop, you will learn how to perform simple, yet effective stretches while targeting smaller movements that are often avoided or difficult to get to, since most of us are either sedentary for the majority of the day (working at a desk) or move in repetitive patterns.

Learn from Island Optimal’s Osteopathic Practitioner as she shares with you some of her favourite exercises and information about how our bodies work, and why we need daily movement.

Whether you want to prevent or rehabilitate an injury, or wish to improve your technique in your sport or at the gym, this workshop will provide you with a valuable foundation and improved body awareness that will benefit you in your every day upper body activities. All levels of fitness are welcome!

Dufferin Studio | April 29th | 2pm-3:30pm | $30
*Free for challengers

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