Babies & Children

Osteopathy is a safe and gentle approach to helping babies and children to find relief from pain, discomfort or tension.

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Common reasons for pediatric consultation include:
-Head asymmetries (plagiocephaly)
-Breastfeeding or latching difficulties
-Growing pains
-Following sports injuries or falls
-Tummy aches
What to Expect:

 I work in a way that is respectful to what the body needs in order to provide a soothing and relaxing experience for patients of all ages. For example, rather than pushing a “tight” tissue or trying to stretch it directly, I will use my trained sense of palpation and gently place my hands on the affected area, and usually softly hold them there, until I feel that things start to relax. Once they do relax, that’s when I follow the body’s cues and adjust my hand positioning. This can provide relief from pain or discomfort and be helpful in relaxation and stress-reduction.

 This type of gentle hands-on work can be very soothing for babies and children. Our goal is generally to help with relaxation, to decrease tension, and to help your little one to move with more ease. A gentle hand on their tummy with the right amount of soft, wave-like movements from my hand, can help with gassiness or constipation. I may also show the parents some things to do that may help their baby or child at home.
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