Appointment Structure


Phone Consultation – 15 minutes $0

We offer complimentary phone consultations for people who may have questions about osteopathy and would like more information about whether it is an appropriate treatment option for them. Please note that this service is only available for new inquiring patients.

Initial Appointment – 75 minutes $125

Includes a full case history intake, assessment, osteopathic treatment, discussion of evaluation findings, and formulation of your individualized treatment plan. You may also receive educational resources to help you to make sense of your condition and symptoms. Self-care recommendations and exercises may be included as part of your treatment plan. 

Standard Follow-up Appointment – 60 minutes $110

Includes re-assessment, osteopathic treatment, education, and treatment plan evaluation or progression, as needed.

Standard Follow-up Appointment – 45 minutes $90

Re-assessment and treatment.

Short Follow-up Appointment – 30 minute $60

Re-assessment and shortened treatment time for minor issues or a quick visit to re-evaluate and modify your treatment plan. 

Extended Follow-up Appointments  – 75 minutes $125

For those who require more time, such as patients traveling from out of town, or people with complex, chronic conditions. Includes a review of symptoms following the initial treatment, re-assessment, osteopathic treatment, and discussion of treatment plan progression.

Initial Appointment for Babies and Children – $110

Includes a full case history intake, assessment, and osteopathic treatment. 

Standard Follow-up Appointment for Babies and Children – $85

Re-assessment and osteopathic treatment. 

*Please contact for Kinesiology rates and session packages.

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Insurance Coverage

Please note that insurance coverage is contingent upon your specific plan covering osteopathic services.  

To date, osteopathic treatment is covered by: Sun Life, Great West Life, Empire Life, Manulife, RWAM, Pacific Blue Cross, Greenshield, Industrial Alliance and Wawanesa.

Generally a physicians’ referral is not required, with the exception of the Armed Forces whose provider is Pacific Blue Cross. Please consult your specific plan for details.