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What is Osteopathy?

Article written by Anne-Marie Mougeot, B.Sc.Kin., D.O.M.P. Have you heard of osteopathy? Perhaps it has been suggested that you see an osteopathic practitioner for your particular condition or set of symptoms, but you aren't quite sure what osteopathy actually is. Osteopathy is still relatively new to Vancouver Island, and there are only about 100 osteopathic… Continue reading What is Osteopathy?

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Get More out of Your Walks!

My opportunities to head out for a walk, hike, or run on my own are few and far between these days (because, you know, life is busy - I have a young child, a full-time practice, dinner to cook, a house to keep clean, etc.) so when I do get to go out, I try… Continue reading Get More out of Your Walks!

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Sore feet? Try these exercises!

Did you know that our feet have a similar potential for mobility as our hands do?   Our feet (and hands) have both motor nerves, and sensory nerves. Motor nerves carry messages from the brain to your body parts and tell them to move, while sensory nerves carry information from the environment (such as heat,… Continue reading Sore feet? Try these exercises!

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How to properly stretch your hip flexors

Look down at your hips. Chances are that you are probably sitting right now. And if you sit a lot, which most of us do, and you think about it, our hips spend a lot of time in a flexed position. Which isn't a bad position in and of itself; hip flexion is a normal and… Continue reading How to properly stretch your hip flexors

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Tight Calves? Try This!

Happy March! As the days are getting longer, and the tulips begin to make an appearance, it's becoming a little easier to get outside and enjoy the trails. So this month, our Mobility Monday exercises will be tailored towards helping those walking muscles to move with ease. I wanted to start off the month by… Continue reading Tight Calves? Try This!

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A real pain in the neck (the story about my neck pain)

The story about my neck pain.   I woke up last Tuesday like any other day; walked into my son's room, and laid on the floor mattress with him for some snuggles since it was still a little too early to be up for the day. Suddenly, I felt the all too familiar neck twinge… Continue reading A real pain in the neck (the story about my neck pain)

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How to stretch your neck

Let's talk about neck and shoulder tension. It's a pretty common complaint that I hear a lot about in the clinic, and I too, have experienced having a cranky neck in the past. This type of tension seems to be associated with stress, previous injury, and spending a lot of time in one position (again,… Continue reading How to stretch your neck

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A new twist on the chest stretch

This is one of my absolute favourite stretches. It's a great way to feel more open in the chest, while gently rotating the spine. We spend so much time with our arms in front of us, usually with the arms internally rotated (think of your position when working on the computer, driving, and most hands-on… Continue reading A new twist on the chest stretch

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Hug Yourself

It's just about Valentines day, so here's another LOVEly mobility exercise for you! If you ever feel like you need a little more movement in your upper back, you'll love this one! Upper back figure 8's are a great exercise to do to gain mobility in that upper thoracic area. Give yourself biiiig a hug!… Continue reading Hug Yourself

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Foot Love

Did you know that you have 52 bones in your two feet altogether, and 33 joints? (Side note and cool fact: when a baby is born, the number of bones are higher, but many of them fuse by the time one reaches adulthood). Because of all of those joints, our feet have a lot of potential… Continue reading Foot Love