Work with me

Who are you and how can I help?

*Maybe you suffered an injury – but are still hurting weeks or months later.

– Or –

*Has your pain crept up over the course of time, and is now at the point of being chronic, and although you’ve tried various approaches, you’re still hurting?

*Have you had medical imaging done (MRIs or X-rays), but are still confused about why you’re in pain?

*Would you like to find out the root cause of your pain and/or dysfunction?

*Are you anxious to return to living the life you love following injury or surgery?

*Are you unsure if it’s safe to be active, and worried about re-injuring yourself?

*Has it gotten to the point where your pain has been affecting your quality of life?
Has your ability to work, concentrate, to be active, play with or care for your kids, or grandkids, to get a restful night’s sleep, or to participate in social events become affected by your pain?

*Would you like to know what to do in order to feel better?

menstrual painI know that suffering from pain just plain sucks.

I hear you. And I’m here for you.