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Get More out of Your Walks!

My opportunities to head out for a walk, hike, or run on my own are few and far between these days (because, you know, life is busy – I have a young child, a full-time practice, dinner to cook, a house to keep clean, etc.) so when I do get to go out, I try to make the most of it!

IMG_7483One of my patients recommended I check out the Cable Bay trail near Nanaimo, so we decided to check it out!  It is a beautiful, dog friendly trail through a lush forest full of ferns and amazing trees and ends up at a really pretty little ocean bay.

We went out as a family on the Easter weekend but with our wandering toddler, we didn’t quite make it the whole way (although we did find 5 dinosaurs!)

So yesterday, when I had the day off and my little guy was in daycare on a beautiful sunny day, it was the perfect opportunity for me to take our dog out for a walk/run/hike and to squeeze in a few stretches along the way.

Sometimes it just makes sense to multi-task, or “stack” your activities to get the most out of life. Here’s how I made the most of my walk yesterday:

  1. Balancing on a log


2. Calf stretch over a root


Click here for a full description of how to do the calf stretch.

3. Relaxing chest stretch (while gazing a the sky through the treetops)IMG_7478

4. Finding stillness in nature


Sometimes we need a little stillness, deep breaths, and a little quality time with Mother Nature. 


What is your favourite trail? Let me know in the comments below!




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